Security Master: Wi-Fi Security

Wi-Fi Security is an existing feature of Security Master. I rethink the overall workflow to increase the conversion rate and raise the commercial ads revenue.
  • Client project/ Design strategy/ Data-driven design

  • 4-week development in Aug 2016 

  • Collaborated with 1 Product Manager/ 3 Android Developers/ 1 Quality Analyst


There are over 3 million people using Wi-Fi Security every day to make sure they are connected safely.

However, according to our data metrics, only 48% of the users had reached the final step of the workflow.

Design Goal

The main purpose is to solve the dropped-off problem.

Why is it important for the users?

By finishing the task, the app helps the users to analyze their wi-fi completely and ensure they are connected safely.

Why is it important for the company?

By increasing the conversion rate, it helps the company to earn business value by showing the commercial ads on the final page.

Analyze the problem first

The previous process of the feature included Security Check, Signal Analysis, and Speed Test. One the final page, the Commercial Ads would be shown once the task is completed.

I analyzed the reasons for the dropping-rate problem:

  1. The workflow is not efficient because it takes 25 seconds to complete.

  2. The users couldn’t expect how many steps to do and how long it took. The uncertain feelings would cause the impatience to keep waiting.​

  3. The terminology is redundant, which takes more cognitive load to understand the information.

Stage 1: Reorder the steps of the workflow
  • Based on the insight from the interviews, I found that the Signal Analysis feature was ambiguous and technically useless for the users because they couldn't understand what's it for. So, after discussing with the product manager, we've decided to remove the Signal Analysis step on the interface, but to run the task only on the programming side, to decrease the time from 25 seconds to 22 seconds(see v1. below). 

  • Also, since Speed Test was the most useful feature based on our user feedback, so I proposed to divide it into Download Speed Test and Upload Speed Test two parts, to highlight our users' favorite feature(see v2. below).




  • According to the research from MIT, loading “slow-fast” makes users feel smoother than loading “fast-slow” because users would remember the most feelings of the last moment in the whole process. An unpleasant waiting would turn to be better if it had a pleasant ending. Therefore, I reorder the Speed Test to the first step, which took the longest time in the process(see v3. below). 

fast-slow progress

slow-fast progress


  • After exploring technical possibilities, we've shortened the whole process from 25s to 15s by improving the programming. On the Speed Test, Security Check can begin meanwhile in the back-end and show the interface afterward. (see final below)


Stage 2: Add progress indicator

Based on The Psychology of Waiting Lines, if the user knows the current situation and is able to predict the remaining waiting time, he/she would have more patience to wait for the following process instead of having negative emotions and leave. So, I designed a progress indicator that includes the following three parts:

  • Current Status: What’s happening?

  • Outcomes: What just happened?

  • Future Status: What will happen next?

Stage 3: Improve the terminologies
  • Improve the terminologies to make them more specific and also maintain consistency. e.g. change “Testing speed” to “Speed Testing”

  • Remove the unnecessary information to help the user focus on the primary task. For example, the information about Wi-Fi SSID during the process is redundant and unnecessary, because the information had already appeared at the beginning of the process.



How to improve the efficiency and effectiveness?

Small change, big difference.

We did A/B testing in the first month between the original and the new design. We’re glad to see that, the conversion rate increased from 48% to 73% with our new design. Therefore, we released all online version of the new one.